Partners Ask FERC for more Time to Address Eel and Russian River Water Crisis

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In September 2021, the Partners were required to provide FERC with a progress report on the studies required to develop a new license to operate the Potter Valley Project. However, we have been challenged with raising the estimated $25 – $30 million necessary to perform the studies. Therefore, the Partners decided to instead ask for an abeyance. This is the technical term for what basically amounts to a “time out.” The Partners asked FERC to allow us 8 months, until May 30, 2022, to evaluate whether relicensing the project remains a viable approach or if instead, the Two Basin Solution goals could be better achieved by working with PG&E and other stakeholders in the FERC license surrender process. During this time, we will evaluate the two options and develop a plan to move us forward.

This year’s drought underscores just how important it is for us to succeed. The Partners remain committed to providing this region with both a healthy environment and adequate water supplies for communities and agriculture. We continue to believe that a collaboration between sister watersheds is the key to a sustainable future for us all.

We look forward to FERC’s response to our request soon. For more information letters and documents at: Reports